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Where are you from?

I was born in a small suburb in Hull (the city of culture), but I moved to lovely Leeds for university and have now returned to work here.

How long have you been working in marketing?

I’ve dabbled in marketing for the past two years but finally settled into content marketing here at It Works. Previously, I created content for a theatre company, a jewellery company and also worked at Proximity London for a month last year, which was a lot of fun.

Who is your greatest influence?

I’d probably say my sister, I’ve always looked up to her since I was tiny and she writes impeccably well. So, if you’re reading this, Jen, I hope you’re feeling privileged/smug right now, (sorry James).

What is your favourite brand?

& Other Stories has to be my favourite at the moment, everything they sell looks, feels and smells amazing; I love their recycling scheme too, more brands should aspire to be like them.

Most memorable campaign?

 Probably the latest Lynx campaign. I love their clever way of tapping into SEO trends, showing what men search for daily on Google, ranging from silly to serious questions.

Lynx has always been a very masculine brand, so I liked that their new campaign promotes men reaching out and talking about their problems; proving that masculinity is not about acting all high and mighty to others when you’re actually feeling the opposite inside. Bravo, Lynx.

Who is your dream client?

ASOS; they hit every style trend perfectly. Plus, I’d love to be that person behind those persuasive daily sales emails. Lets just say from personal experience, I know how effective they are…

What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

Coconut, always. It’s like gold dust though; it’s not the easiest to find in my local supermarket, but when I do manage to it’s like finding a hidden treasure.

What item would you choose if you were stuck on a desert island?

Probably a multipack of Monster Munch crisps. Yeah I’d die sooner or later, but at least I’d die happy. Plus, the smell would be enough to fend off any unwanted visitors…

Favourite song?

Gemini Feed by BANKS. I went to see her back in March and quite literally squealed when she performed it; she is one sassy artist.

Favourite YouTube video of all-time?

It has to be the clip of King Curtis on Wife Swap, the “bacon is good for me” dude. That video cheered me up through some hard times completing uni deadlines. It’s one of those videos I annoyingly quote to people in everyday conversations, too, because it’s just so brilliant.

Oh, and Katie Price attempting to sing her NEW single on Loose Women is a close runner-up. The line: ‘because I can ACTUALLY sing’, creases me up every time I show it to someone new. That video is an office favourite here at It Works.