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Where are you from?

Born in Shrewsbury but lived in Telford until I was eight years old, Telford is in Shropshire which is between Birmingham and Wales. When I was eight we moved to the Isle of Wight for a number of years, before returning. I finally escaped in 2006 when I moved down to London before then settling in Leeds.

How long have you been working in marketing?

I started as a PPC Executive in April 2004, a time without a quality score and when PPC was a pure auction model or the ‘good ol days’ as some people would say.

Prior to this, I have done all sorts from being a double glazed windows salesman, timeshare salesman in Spain, to a fully qualified blacksmith and telesales man. I also dabbled in IT Support at one point so you could say I’ve been a jack of all trades and there’s still plenty of time for another career change, much to my wife’s dismay I’m sure!

Who is your greatest influence?

My wife

What is your favourite brand?

Ducati motorbikes. There is no other brand that puts a smile on my face. I remember seeing my first Ducati 916 when I was 13 and I’ve been in love ever since.

Most memorable campaign?

The last one we did as we managed to get coverage for our client with the Huffington Post which was a big draw!

Who is your dream client?

Ducati for all the reasons I’d mentioned before….

What’s you favourite ice cream flavour?

Mint choc chip, just like my Nan.

What item would you choose if you were stuck on a desert island?

I’m a soppy git deep down so a photo of my family. Sadly that means I would probably starve but oh well.

Favourite song?

It would have to be Green Day – Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life). It’s an absolute classic.

Favourite YouTube video of all time?

The sneezing Panda. My sense of humour is on par with my seven year old daughter.