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With Google’s mobile update going live on the 21st April, we wanted to see how prepared consumer brands are for one of the biggest updates in SEO.

We surveyed 576 companies, whose primary target are consumers, asking how prepared they were for the mobile update and how concerned they were on how it would impact their online revenue.

The primary questions were:

  • Are you aware of the Google mobile update on the 21st April?
    83% stated they were aware of the update and 27% were not
  • Have you already developed a mobile friendly website?
    37% stated their website was not currently mobile friendly, 63% stated their website was mobile friendly
  • Out of the 37% who were not currently mobile friendly, we asked if they would be in time of the deadline?
    80% stated they would not be mobile friendly in time of the update

The fact that 83% of those asked were aware of the update was a positive response, as it showed the release from Google had been discussed and shared effectively. However, we were surprised by the high percentage of consumer brands who were not mobile friendly, and the number of which would not be in time for the update.

Additionally, we asked them how concerned they were with the update and how they thought it would affect their sales/revenue.

56% of all the companies asked, were concerned about the update and even the ones who were mobile friendly were nervous about the update and how it may affect their organic rankings and traffic.

What you need to know

The Google mobile update is one of the biggest changes in SEO for a number of years, however, it has been widely discussed for a number of years that websites needed to be more focused on mobile user experience.

This update will only affect Google Mobile search and not desktop, as such this will only be a small percentage of your overall organic traffic volumes.

However, we would recommend you review the following:

  • Determine your current mobile search traffic volumes – if this figure has been above 20% for the last few months we would recommend a review
  • The update will happen on the 21st April and will go live across a 7 day period
  • It will be a page by page audit, so your whole site will not be penalised if one page is not mobile friendly
  • Google has released a great tool to test your mobile user experience –

How this update is going to be specific to your current search volume, the exact impact can not be estimated, however, we do know that mobile search organic rankings will drop for any site which is not mobile friendly, so it could have a direct impact on your websites traffic and sales.