What is A/B testing?

A/B testing (sometimes called split testing) is comparing two versions of a web page to see which one performs better.

You compare two web pages by showing the two variants (let’s call them A and B) to similar visitors at the same time. The one that gives a better conversion rate, wins!

When A/B testing should be used

As an A/B test should use two different page versions, it really should be used at the beginning of a CRO project. The results of any test will help to determine the layout of a page, which can then be further refined through multivariate testing.

A/B testing doesn’t need large traffic volumes to provide accurate results, and is perfect for a new website or the start of a digital media campaign.

What can be tested?

Almost anything on your website that affects visitor behavior can be A/B tested, including

  • Headlines
  • Sub headlines
  • Paragraph Text
  • Call to Action
  • Links
  • Images

Advanced tests can include pricing structures, sales promotions, free trial lengths, navigation and UX experiences, free or paid delivery, and more.

What we deliver

Once we have developed the CRO strategy and plan, we provide a complete A/B testing solution.

We utilise a cutting edge testing dashboard to implement and track page changes, ensuring minimal development resources are needed.

All tests are integrated with your current marketing campaigns and complete transparency is provided throughout.