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Your website performance score

InsightsAI has compared your URL against the top-tier sites currently ranking organically within your chosen sector, using over 150,000 unique data points to score your website out of 400.

Each score is broken down into the below four key elements, helping you to evaluate where there are opportunities to improve, providing you with a clear understanding of where further work is needed.

Score breakdown

External links

The volume and quality of external links compared to your competitors, looking at domain authority as well as compliance to current guidelines.


The relevancy and quality of content against top search terms within your sector, looking at the depth and frequency of primary and secondary pages.

Site structure

The URL and page layout of category and sub-category pages plus additional analysis of common duplicate content issues.


The volume of the most critical issues found during the first top-level crawl of your website.

How can it help?

The score is a great way to measure your site’s current SEO performance against the major competitors within each vertical, but it’s purely a ‘snippet’ of data which we can use to help develop a more in-depth SEO strategy for you.

Whether you scored high or not, InsightsAI is just a demonstration of our level of investment into developing highly advanced SEO campaigns. Utilising our resources efficiently, by using cutting edge technology, we are able to work with some of the largest brands.

What does this mean?

InsightsAI is currently in its infancy and our developers are continually updating the algorithm to refine and improve the results to provide our clients with a coherent SEO strategy to improve their organic performance.

To discuss your current SEO performance or to find out how we can help develop your SEO strategy, then get in touch with us today.