Average Conversion Rates

With over 400 unique data points over 50 different retail sectors, we track the average conversion data, helping you to compare how your website performs.

Step 1: Choose your industry

Each industry sector has a different data set. Match your website against the most relevant industry to compare its performance.

Step 2: What is your average conversion rate?


Enter your average conversion rate over the last 12 months.

Step 3: What is your average order value?


What is your average order value in £? The AOV is total revenue / transactions.

Step 4: What is the average number of sessions per month?

Your analytics dashboard will provide this data. We are looking for the average monthly sessions over the last 12 months.

Need to improve conversion rates?

We have shown you how your site compares, why not give one of our CRO experts a call to discuss how we could help improve conversion rates and revenue?






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