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It Works provide a bespoke conversion optimisation solution, which primarily focuses on shopping cart abandonment as well as site wide customer experience.

Our approach is to use our consumer research data, integrated into your sites own analytics data to allow our experienced team to help you improve conversions.

The stages include: site analysis & research, website audit, implementation & project management.

Analysis & research

With access to your analytics data, plus ‘limited’ access to your ecommerce platform we will perform a complete analysis of your customers shopping experience.

This stage is used to define the websites current conversion rates across all media channels and devices, allowing us to set the average ‘cart abandonment rate‘ for which we will be measured by.

We determine key ‘baselines’ to help monitor performance and evaluate barriers which are impeding your customers’ purchase, all data will be fed into our site auditing stag.

Website audit

The site audit is the core aspect of our service and when integrated into the research & analysis data, will provide a clear picture on where the opportunities can be found.

Each audit is bespoke to our client and is split over 6 different sections which cover over 400 consumer action points to help highlight where opportunities can be found.

The audit will include in-depth recommendations, with defined priorities and estimated potential impacts on customer experience, helping to deliver a clear report which can be efficiently actioned.

Implementation & Project management

Depending upon your resources we are able to implement the recommendations defined within the audit, either through our own tech team or by project managing your own team or third party developers.

This continued access to our expertise and guidance can help to improve your customers’ shopping experience in shorter time periods, helping to increase revenue and ROI quicker.