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What is a CRO strategy?

A conversion optimisation strategy (or plan) should be developed before any CRO activity begins. The document will focus on trying to understand what your customers are currently doing and why they are doing it.

A successful CRO plan is a consistent, structured and ongoing process of continually improving the performance of your website’s ability to maximise conversions.

Create a baseline

Before any actual changes are made we need to understand what the current levels of activity are.

We perform a complete audit of your analytics data, ensuring best practices have been implemented before any analysis can be begin.

A CRO strategy will include these baseline figures which will be used to compare all primary metrics, ensuring all results are transparent to each party.

Develop an hypothesis

A CRO strategy will include an hypothesis on why we believe customers are not converting, utilising the base line data to highlight where the issues are on site.

This will focus on understanding the biggest barriers to conversion and providing recommendations on what the testing process should focus on.

The plan will have a clear set of processes on how these recommendations can be tested.

Design & Implement tests

The plan will define the tests we will be implementing founded on the baseline data and formed hypothesis.

The tests will be put into operation using the either A/B testing or Multivariate testing using our advanced dashboard.

Tests will be continually refined until clear recommendations can be detailed to improve the websites performance.

Continual optimisation

The data from the test results feeds back into the CRO strategy, defining the next round of hypotheses and recommendations.

A strategy is a fluid document which evolves based on the CRO tests and focused on improving upon the baseline figures throughout.