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By analysing 12 of the latest reports from around the World we are able to provide real insights into shopping cart abandonment rates.

Based on the below reports:

Based on these figures the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 70.95% – last updated 8th May 2015

The current average shopping cart abandonment rate is:


The main reasons a customer would abandon the online purchase include:

Extra Cost (shipping, tax & fees)
Forced account creation
Credit Card Trust
Difficult checkout process
Payment methods

Do you know your site’s abandonment rate?

Many ecommerce systems track the number of ‘incomplete sales’. To work out your abandonment rate do the following formula:

Incomplete sales / Total sales attempts (actual sales + incomplete sales) x 100 = shopping cart abandonment rate.

Example: Store A has 30 incomplete sales out of a total of 72 sales attempts (42 sales + 30 incomplete sales = 41.67%

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