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Our recent analysis on average retail conversion rates for 2015 also allowed us to analyse a variety of other performance metrics to help create a bigger picture as to what’s happening in ecommerce in 2015.

Average order value (AOV) is one of the primary metrics and can help to not only determine profitability but also ensure your media channels are generating quality conversions, which maximise every opportunity.

Since Q1 2014 we have been tracking UK AOV over 150 retail websites (large and small) to help us monitor overall retail performance figures.

Current average order values

Current average order value is £78.74 which is 2.43% lower than Q1 2014 at £80.65. When broken down device by device we can see that the majority of the decrease was within mobiles and tablets:

  • Desktop – £82.47 up 0.79% from £81.82 in Q1 2014
  • Mobile – £60.68 down 15% from £71.48 in Q1 2014
  • Tablet – £70.83 down 6.86% from £76.02 in Q1 2014

As mobiles accounted for 20% of all ecommerce traffic the overall AOV figures have dropped – despite an increase in desktop. This is to be expected as retailers struggle to provide effective ‘up sell’ opportunities, due to small screens and limited bandwidth.

Average order values by media channel

So how do AOV’s compare across the different media channels? We compared Q1 2014 data against 2015 with some interesting results:

  • Email – £76.99 – which is up 12% from £68.60 in Q1 2014
  • Direct – £80.55 – which is down 2.49% from £82.61 in Q1 2014
  • Search – £73.86 – which is down 1.45% from £74.95 in Q1 2014
  • Social – £79.75 – which is up 8.53% from £73.48 in Q1 2014

Both email and social provide increases in AOV with email providing the highest increase at 12%.

Average order values by platform

Mac users lead the way with the highest AOV across all tracked platforms. Windows has the highest increase and Android devices the largest decrease, when compared to last year.

  • Android – £58.14 – which is down 13.24% from £67.02 in Q1 2014
  • Chrome OS – £70.44 – which is down 3.36% from £72.89 in Q1 2014
  • Linux – £73.35 – which is down 17.25% from £88.65 in Q1 2014
  • Mac – £95.13 – which is up 0.86% from £94.31 in Q1 2014
  • Windows – £89.90 which is up 2.12%  from £88.03 in Q1 2014


The decrease in the overall AOV could be an issue for many, however, when we break down the data further we can see that the primary decreases are across mobile/tablet devices, which offers some explanation.

Despite more websites becoming mobile responsive, the ability to ‘upsell’ to customers is limited due to smaller screens as well as the customers ‘mental mode’ during the purchase.

Our recommendations would be to evaluate your own AOV across device and highlight if there are further opportunities to promote ‘recommended product’ or ‘Customer also brought’ functions more effectively.

However, as more consumers are purchasing whilst on the move, there will always be those that may not be in the right ‘frame of mind’ to purchase additional items.