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Four in 10 enterprise wearable adopters plan to or already integrate such devices into point of sale.

When wearables come to the enterprise, they will come to the point of sale, according to research from

189633Current and Planned Customer-Facing Uses of Wearable Technology Among US Enterprise Wearable Adopters*, March 2015 (% of respondents)

A March 2015 survey about wearables used in customer-facing applications found that 40% of business professionals who either already used wearables in the enterprise or planned to do so would be integrating them into the point of sale. As of March, 15% of respondents had already implemented this.

The same share of respondents had already included wearables as part of their customer-facing loyalty and rewards programs, with another 27% planning to do this within the next two years.

According to, smart watches are expected to have the fastest adoption rate as well as the biggest effect on the enterprise.