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Dreambooth are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of photobooths, Selfie mirrors and hashtag walls, working with some of the UK’s top brands to deliver highly engaging marketing events.

Our approach

As a highly competitive and expanding industry, our approach was to develop a core PPC campaign, which dominated the top positions on all ‘primary’ keywords. For the first 3 months we refined, optimised and tested the keywords, landing pages and creative to maximise Quality Score and conversion rates.

Once this ‘foundation’ had been established we then expanded the campaigns, focusing on targeted messaging within key areas of the UK, supporting time sensitive events, promotions and key times of the year.

The results

The first stage was focused on building a solid, well optimised and efficient campaign which delivered results and as part of this activity we have been able to deliver:

  • 100% increase in monthly enquiries
  • Reduced average CPC after 2 months
  • Increased Quality Score to 9/10 on primary campaigns
  • Expanded product range to meet demand
  • Helped to expand the clients sales team due to increased demand