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Netmums is the UK’s largest parenting website with 2.75million pages and a staggering 6.7million unique visits per month.

Our approach

We worked with to help develop their SEO campaign, providing hands on consultation, technical evaluation and optimisation. We work with their PR, Social and Content teams to integrate the SEO into each area, ensuring maximum efficiency and impact.

We broke the campaign into 3 distinct stages:

  • Stage 1: SEO audit – evaluating the current sites SEO performance, highlighting recommendations on what can be fixed to help search engines index the content in a more efficient manner
  • Stage 2: Optimise current content pages to help improve organic rankings, developing ‘quick wins’ to help improve traffic levels.
  • Stage 3: Work with editorial team to develop a content strategy, expanding upon the current topics to expand the sites footprint and potential organic reach.

The results

As a large website the impact of our approach took between 6-8 months to show, but once the core issues had been resolved we tracked a significant increase in organic reach, as well as:

  • An immediate decrease in critical errors impeding search engines from indexing the valuable content.
  • An increase in organic reach, through increase rankings on target keywords plus increased exposure across secondary search terms
  • 15% YOY increase in organic traffic volumes