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I am very proud to announce the launch of our new site analysis tool – InsightsAI. After so many months it is truly amazing to see an idea we had six months ago finally go live.

InsightsAI is the world’s first SEO site crawler that uses Artificial Intelligence to compare a website’s performance against those within the top ten Google results.

Still in early BETA testing, the tool is now available for any brand (in the retail, travel, finance, and auto sectors) to measure their SEO performance against that of their competitors, providing actionable insights into how they can improve their campaign.

How does it work?

We have spent six months compiling over 150,000 unique data points from 6,300 websites across the travel, finance, retail and automotive sectors. This data allowed us to ‘teach’ our algorithm what good (and bad) SEO campaigns looked like, and comparing that ‘profile’ with the analysed site.

Using the four core aspects of onsite SEO (technology, content, external and layout) we have been able to develop an understanding of what Google is looking for to rank a website within the top ten organic positions.

But this is still very much a beta test, the power of machine learning is that the algorithm will continue to learn and improve as we add more data points.

Why was it needed?

For a number of years now Google has been using RankBrain, their own AI technology, as part of their ranking algorithm. RankBrain uses their vast resources and deep data to analyse and rank websites at the search query level.

This mass of data and analysis is not available to many brands, and as such, understanding why Google is ranking your website becomes more about tuition than hard data.

InsightsAI was developed to provide access to technology which uses machine learning to efficiently analyse this level of data and provide actionable insights to help improve an SEO campaign.

What is the benefit?

The tool in its BETA release version provides a simple score to help evaluate your website’s SEO performance against that of the top ranking sites within the same sector.

As the tool develops it will be able to crawl and analyse a website to a higher level of accuracy, and additional access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console will further improve the insights available to all of our customers.

Furthermore, it will allow all of our clients to benefit from cutting edge technology which can efficiently index and score a website without the need to invest in more resources, allowing us to deliver a more cost effective SEO campaign.

How will the tool develop?

InsightsAI is just the start of our mission to embrace technology that helps us offer the level of insights and management needed to deliver a successful SEO campaign with greater efficiency and fewer resources.

However, work has already begun on version two utilising, even more, data to allow our SEO team to analyse and develop an SEO campaign which gets better results within shorter time periods.

If you want to know more about InsightsAI or how we could help you develop your SEO campaign, then get in touch with us on 0113 834 3639 or try it for yourself.

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