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Social media communications to
to engage & increase brand awareness

Our approach to social

We work with brands to develop a clear strategy to engage with audiences across social media, we work with you to develop the training, processes and content needed to create highly effective stories.

Our approach is to support brands in their own social media broadcasts, your customers want to speak with the experts and you should be able to effectively escalate issues to deliver effective customer service.

We therefore only work with brands who have the resources to manage their own social media campaigns, were we provide the strategy, creative, content and training to maximise each broadcast.

The benefits

By working with clients to develop the right content and messaging, you will see a higher level of engagement as well as a more positive sentiment within customer responses.

Additionally, there will be clear processes to help respond to negative comments of customer questions, providing a higher level of customer service as well as a transparent history to be viewed by potential customers.

By being part of the story and not pushing a ‘sales only’ message, you will see higher engagement rates and more positive responses and sharing.

Social media focused on being party of the story

Our social media experience

With over 5 years’ experience in  social media we have worked on a variety of campaigns covering these sectors:

  • Consumer finance – loans, mortgages and savings
  • Retail – designer fashion, mobile phones and domestic appliances
  • Travel – flights, holidays and luxury travel
  • B2B – law, finance and IT

Our approach to social media is to provide everything you for you to take control of your own customer interaction across all social media channels.

Our social media clients