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Integrating social media plugins into website content is a useful technology to help promote posts across multiple social channels.

However, individual social networks are developing their own technology solutions to help advertisers engage more with their followers.

Twitter Cards is such an example; this simple line of code helps publish additional content to Tweets. There are 3 types of twitter cards:

  • summary: The default card, which includes a title, description, thumbnail image, and Twitter account attribution.
  • photo: A Tweet sized photo card.
  • player: A Tweet sized video/audio/media player card.

Developing a Twitter card is relatively simple for any developer, but is it worth the effort?

Increased engagement
Over a 2 month period we tracked the click through rate (CTR) and engagement (retweets) of a clients Twitter feed which used Twitter Cards across their content.

  • CTR from tweet to post averaged 3% with Twitter cards compared to 1.6% without
  • Engagement rate increase from 27% of tweets to 59%
  • Additionally we looked at the quality of traffic with Ave. time on site increasing and bounce rates decreasing

As you can see integrating Twitter cards into your site content is worth the investment in developing, not only does it increase user engagement and traffic, but can also help to aid conversions and revenue.