Our 2023 consumer report asks the key questions about the impact of the cost of living crisis will have on consumer spending in Q4

We surveyed over 2,000 retail consumers asking them a variety of questions on their spending habits for Black Friday and Christmas.

Key questions we asked:

  • If they will be spending less in 2023
  • If they believe Black Friday is good value for money
  • The value of content to help their purchase
  • The value they place customer reviews
  • After cost, what they value the most when purchasing online

All questions are split by gender and generation to provide a wealth of information vital to a successful digital marketing campaign.

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Who are It Works Media?

Small but mighty, we are an SEO agency with that pizzazz that can get you to the top of the search engine results page.

Launched in 2012, Director Steve Pritchard began as a freelancer and immediately developed relationships with some of the biggest brands. The team grew in numbers, and in 2016 the name ‘It Works Media Ltd’ was born, as we now had proof that ‘it works’.

As with many businesses, our biggest challenge hit in 2020. With a wealth of travel clients during a pandemic, we decided to develop our approach and diversify our client portfolio. We are now stronger from overcoming these challenges and have a proven strategy for success.

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