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It Works Media is a no-nonsense digital growth agency. We pride ourselves on being transparent, open and honest in our approach.

Heard this all before you say? Well let us tell you what our take is on what these values mean to us…

By transparency we mean we aren’t an agency that sells bulls*!t, nor is our service offering surrounded by clouds of mystery. We do exactly what we say we do and don’t pretend to be anything else.

We use industry accredited tools to inform our digital strategies, looking at what the problem is and fixing things we know will make a difference. Our ultimate goal is to make our clients more online revenue – that’s it. No hidden agenda or hidden costs – just data driven strategies.

By integration we mean that unlike other agencies, who operate their services in silo, we integrate our services as we know this delivers better, faster results and gives our clients the best possible service. CRO is woven into all our strategies as we know that at the heart of every great campaign, it’s the customer’s intentions.

Meet the team


Steve Pritchard – the boss

He’s the boss, but not a real tw@t like other bosses. He likes beer and classic minis as well as this SEO malarkey because he’s a true geek at heart! Officially banned from Shrewsbury after failing to pay for his train ticket. Well, maybe not banned, but the rest is true!


Kate Roodt – client services manager

With a passion for building strong client relationships and a stickler for detail, she’s also a cooking enthusiast with a strong appreciation for Formula 1 (ahem – Lewis Hamilton). Also, watch out for her Aussie accent – it’s as close to the real thing as they come!

Andre Hughes – SEO Executive

With over 6 years SEO experience Andre works with clients to ensure their technical and external SEO strategies are developed to the latest guidelines.

James Nuttall – Content and Outreach Specialist

With a solid background in journalism, James is the King of Content. Working across all of our clients, he creates quality content and helps to develop outreach campaigns which deliver highly relevant and authoritative links and increase brand awareness. Still working as a freelance journalist, he has a genuine love of the written word and the ever-evolving media scene.

Katie Derrick – Content Executive

Katie’s creative flair makes her an integral part of our Content team. Working across a diverse mix of clients, she can be counted on for assisting with outreach campaigns, creating innovative blog articles and writing fresh website content – all in line with each client’s tone of voice.

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