Healing Holidays is one of the UK’s leading health and wellness retreat websites, providing a variety of luxury retreats around the world.

In 2016 they wanted to migrate to a new platform which allowed them to expand their PPC and SEO performance, through more transparent tracking, better content and an improved customer experience

Our approach

We worked with the development agency to plan the migration, inputting into the development of the CMS to ensure all SEO elements were included. We also planned the migration and optimised all content to the primary target keywords.

Additionally, we developed a long-term SEM strategy to focus on improving efficiency between SEO and PPC and drive continuous growth. This was done through the following actions:

  • Improve campaign transparency with a full rebuild of the analytics profile, providing a higher level of data accuracy to help optimise all media channels
  • Re-develop the onsite content to push the primary features and benefits of the resort, focusing on the customer’s needs and not the search engine
  • Rebuild the Google Ads campaign to reduce wastage and re-focus budgets on the most profitable campaigns

Since 2016 we have worked very closely with the client and have a strong relationship which allows us to support them across multiple digital channels.

The results

Within the first 3 months, we reduced digital media spend by £35,000, removing channels which failed to deliver a profitable ROI.

Since then we have continually delivered a 60-70% increase in organic traffic and a 50% YoY increase in enquiries. Further improvement in PPC efficiency has allowed us to expand the campaign across the USA, Dubai and Singapore while retaining the same budget as 2016.