Summer is a time of fun, free time, and holidays…at least that’s what it is when you’re young. As a working adult, summer becomes a challenging season in which the inconveniences of out-of-office emails and slow replies can cause marketing strategies to fizzle away into a dead end. 

But just because part of the nation is on holiday doesn’t mean digital PR should come to a standstill. In fact, it’s detrimental to the brand’s online presence to simply ‘vanish’ during a season. Instead, take the obstacles into account and chart a path around them. 

Spoiler alert, digital marketing during the summer can be hard and will take a well-thought-out strategy to succeed…

But don’t worry, we have some tips to help you out.


Use summer as a focal topic

During the summer, people are thinking about…well, summer. Finding ways to incorporate the season into your marketing efforts is vital. Consider the topics people are preoccupied with – for example, the sunny weather, travelling, activity ideas, and similar –  and incorporate them into your content. 


Find the right message

Catching your audience’s attention during the summer is no easy task, as consumers are preoccupied with enjoying their break. Finding the right message is key. You have to read the room, so to speak. For example, upbeat happy campaigns are more likely to do well during the summer, especially if they are relevant to summer-specific topics. Leave the gloomy or serious campaigns to other seasons. 


Experiment with new approaches

The lower engagement during the summer season makes it a perfect time to experiment with a few new strategies and approaches, without risking too big of a loss. Get creative and have some fun with your campaigns. The change of pace might catch the eye of your target audience, leading to unexpected success!


Incorporate other digital channels 

It’s not uncommon to see a decrease in engagement during the summer holidays, as your target audience is likely to be out and about doing things and travelling. Implementing digital marketing across different digital channels can help salvage this engagement, especially with mobile-friendly approaches that allow your audience to interact with your content while on the go. Social media platforms can be a huge way to boost your marketing during this season.


Have backup plans

Let’s say you come up with a great idea, and create an amazing campaign, but when it comes to sending it out to journalists your inbox is flooded with out-of-office replies, leaving you hanging. (This is the standard during the summer months!) Having a backup media list, a backup approach, or a backup broadcasting timeline, can help you save the campaign, so that it still sees some success. 


Adapt and adjust

Things rarely go as planned during the summer, as there’s a plethora of disruptions to the usual process. It’s essential to develop an ability to adapt and adjust so that marketing strategies can still be delivered, even with the chaos of last-minute changes.


Plan ahead

Sure, we’ve just said that things rarely go as planned, so why should you plan ahead? Well, if you have no plan at all, you’re scrambling to face chaos with chaos. Instead, accounting for flexibility can result in well-thought-out plans that are set up for success, and having everything ready to go will allow the marketing to run its course while you enjoy the lighter workload. 


Take breaks

Your team deserves to rest just as much as anyone else. Scheduling strategic breaks can help avoid burnout, and the quieter season should make this possible without outright interrupting the marketing efforts. Remember, taking care of yourself ensures that you’re recharged and ready to work at your best, without compromising a healthy work-life balance. 


Keeping your digital marketing strategies alive during the summer can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. If you implement our tips and accept that the process might have to be a little different to the rest of the year, you can face the summer equipped with all the right strategies to break through the marketing wasteland. It’s worth it to ensure the brand’s continued presence.

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