How well do you know your SEO?

On the surface, SEO can appear to be a relatively simple practice, which can lead many to take a DIY approach to their search campaigns. However, it’s actually a very complex line of work which requires a lot of technical knowledge, including a thorough understanding of search engine algorithms and web design principles. If you go into a SEO project without really knowing the ins and outs of how it works, you’re destined to fail, yet many attempt to manage their site’s SEO without fully having a grasp of it.

So, is your knowledge truly strong enough to be managing your own SEO project? To help you find out, we’ve decided to take on the role of John Humphries and produce our very own Mastermind-worthy SEO quiz. If you consider SEO to be your specialist subject, get ready to be put to the test, but if you struggle to get through our set of questions, it could be a sign that you need a helping hand on your SEO efforts.

Take the quiz

Our specially curated SEO quiz can be found below. Expect to be tested on several SEO principles, from the core basics of its foundations to the more advanced nuances of its found. You’ll be tested on SEO language and terminology, as well as technical specifics and an array of ranking factors, so we hope you’ve been doing your homework!

Don’t worry too much though, we’re not quite as cutting as the likes of Jeremy Paxman and Anne Robinson. We’ve decided to be generous and have made our questions multiple choice, so you’ll at least always have an option to go with if you’re struggling.

Take on our quiz here:

How did you do?

So, how did you get on? Have you managed to breeze through with flying colours or did you find that there were a few gaps in your knowledge that left you guessing?

If your score was relatively low, this may be a sign that you could do with a helping hand. SEO requires thorough knowledge of search engine principles, so it’s really not a task to be taken lightly. Our team possesses the specialist expertise that’s required to get your site where it needs to be. If you need someone with this knowledge, simply get in touch to hear how we can do the hard work for you. 

Our help isn’t just for those who need additional skills though. SEO is a time-consuming, long-term digital marketing strategy that requires proper attention and project management in order to be successful. If you require extra time and resources to help you put the principles into practice, get in touch to see how our team can help you reach the top of the rankings.
In the meantime, you can sharpen up your SEO knowledge by exploring the helpful insights posted on the It Works blog.