Blogs have been a thing since before the rise of SEO’s vital role in digital marketing, but do they still have a role to play? 

The answer is yes. 

Blogs are incredibly efficient at relaying information to your audience, and they remain a basic approach to delivering many of the essential SEO strategies and techniques that your brand and business can benefit from. 

To highlight their use, we’ve put together a list of some of the reasons why you should utilise blogs to support your SEO strategy:

  • Increase brand visibility: 

Blogs are an incredibly valuable tool for increasing brand visibility within search engines. In fact, individual blogs can often rank for multiple keywords and if planned right, can even rank in the “people also ask” section, massively boosting traffic. They can also quickly convey brand information to a target audience, further increasing awareness of the business as a whole. 

  • Develop brand trust:

The increased visibility that comes with blogs also leads to the development of trust among your customer base, especially given that blogs can convey a lot of information, establishing authority within the specific industry. By taking the time to communicate with your target audience through this medium, blogs also help give a sense of closeness and transparency, further adding to the levels of trust. 

  • Boost your crawl rate:

Blogs allow you to post content regularly, creating a routine for your audience. This, in turn, signals Google that your site is active and relevant within the industry, boosting your crawl rate. It’s a simple yet efficient way to increase visibility within search engines. 

  • Build backlinks:

Blogs are an especially effective medium through which to build all sorts of links, giving your site a strong backlink profile. The versatility of blogs allows for a wide range of subjects, which can link to many of your services and products, creating a web of interconnected information. They also create opportunities for collaborating with other brands or authorities within the industry, whether it be in the form of links, or other things. 

  • Engage the target audience:

Blogs are perfect for encouraging discourse with your audience, as well as encouraging them to engage with your brand and business. They can be used to direct your customer base to certain services or products or can spark interest in specific topics. Given that they are, in essence, a tool for communicating and sharing information, they can strengthen the relationship with your customers, leading to an improved experience for all. 

When you do implement the use of blogs, remember that you’re not only making use of them to improve your SEO, you’re also making use of SEO to improve them. It’s a two-way symbiotic relationship that will boost your overall digital marketing strategy and your brand’s exposure. It’s also important to remember that each blog doesn’t have to fulfil every single SEO role! Make each blog work for you in whatever way it can, while keeping a cohesive output of content. 

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