Don’t know your SEO from your UGC? Mixing your conversion with your bounce rate? The terminology that comes with digital marketing can often feel like a whole new language.

You’re probably tired of hearing the same old jargon without anybody to give you a straight answer about what it all actually means! Well, here we are to swoop in and save the day. With our (un)official digital marketing dictionary you’ll be a certified connoisseur in digital marketing terminology.


A/B Testing

[ay-bee tes-ting] noun. 

a corporate way of confirming that you have no idea what your audience actually wants.


[al-guh-rith-uhm] noun. 

overlord of the internet, deciding your content’s destiny with all the fairness of a toddler sharing toys.

Analytics Paralysis

[a-nuh-lit-iks puh-ral-uh-sis] phrase. 

the freeze response to an overwhelming dataset (symptoms include excessive coffee consumption and spontaneous bouts of tears.)


[bak-lingks] noun. 

like legendary Pokémon cards – gotta catch ‘em all.

Bounce Rate

[bahwns rayt] noun. 

the digital equivalent of a one-night-stand.


[kam-payn] noun. 

what you pour hours of blood, sweat, and tears into that ends up the equivalent of shouting into the void.


[klik-bayt] noun.

the reason you end up reading an article about a dog’s fashion sense instead of world news.

Content Calendar

[kon-tent kal-uhn-der] noun. 

a reminder of all the deadlines you’re about to miss.

Conversion Rate

[kon-ver-shun ray-t] noun.

the number that determines whether you’re given the sack.


[kop-ee-rahy-ting] verb. 

like regular writing but for manipulators.


Digital PR

[dij-it-uhl pee-ahr] noun.

like regular PR but digital.

Email Marketing

[e-mayl mahr-kit-ing] noun.

because you can’t escape advertising even in your own inbox.


[en-geyj-muhnt] noun.

the measurement of how many people briefly acknowledge your existence before swiftly scrolling past.


Google Analytics

[goo-guhl an-uh-lit-iks] noun. 

the robot that dictates your self-worth.


[ahy-dee-ay-shun] noun. 

throwing s**t at a wall to see what sticks.


[in-floo-uhn-ser] noun.

a professional peer-pressurer.


[kee-wuhrds] noun.

the questions you ask google instead of using your common sense or asking a professional.


Landing Page

[lan-ding pay-j] noun. 

the equivalent of a sales pitch but for introverts.

Organic Traffic

[or-gan-ik tra-fik] noun.

the number of people that actually give a s**t.


[ran-king] noun.

the digital pecking order. being on the second page is basically social suicide.


[ahr-oh-ahy] abbreviation.
Return on Investment

how much money your money makes.



[ess-ee-oh] abbreviation. 

Search Engine Optimisation

google bootlicking.


[yoo-jee-see] abbreviation. 

User Generated Content

the art of convincing your audience to create content for you, saving you from conjuring up original ideas.


[vahy-ruhl] adjective.
something marketers pray for every night before bed.

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