When planning and managing the content for your marketing strategy, one of the things you’ll need to figure out is the timings. When do you post each piece of content? And should the time of year determine what your content speaks about? 

When we talk about creating timely content, we’re referring to content that is, put simply, time-sensitive. This means the content has to be posted within a specific time frame, to be relevant and reach its full potential. For example, content regarding Christmas should be posted around the festive season. Posting it outside of that time frame makes little to no sense. 

But…is there a benefit to creating timely content? 

The answer, of course, is yes. (Why else would we be talking about it?) Timely content can massively boost audience engagement, as the public is often drawn to up-to-date relevant and trendy information. Plus, if it relates to something that’s currently affecting your customer base (such as the season, the latest news, or specific events), it is likely to spark interest with more ease. 

So, how do you create timely content? We’ve created a list of our top tips to break it down: 

Use a calendar

To start creating timely content, you first need to establish a calendar. This will help you keep track of your projects, so they’re sufficiently spaced out and organised, as well as giving you an overview of which times of year are the best for time-sensitive topics. It’s a good way to quickly identify holidays, festivities, and special occasions, which are full of timely opportunities. 

Pay attention to the news

One of the best ways to create timely content is by being reactive to the things that are happening in the world. Paying attention to the news is a great way to stay up-to-date, so you’re aware of anything that you can respond to through your brand’s content. Utilising breaking news can boost your content’s exposure, as it will relate to something your audience is already looking to engage with. 

What’s trending?

Keeping up with the latest trends is always a valuable strategy for content, more so if you want said content to be timely. It can also make it easier to come up with ideas that are relevant to the public. However, keep in mind that trends are often fleeting, so it’s important to time them right and act quickly. 

Allow for flexibility

The key to good timely content is flexibility. For example, you might schedule a piece of content for a specific date, and then come across an incredible opportunity for something reactive. Staying flexible will allow you to switch up the plan to make the most of the opportunity, ensuring the content you put out is always as relevant as possible. 

Be part of the conversation

If you want your content to resonate with the audience, you have to be part of the conversation. What are people worried about? What’s the talk of the town? What concerns or worries are at the forefront of news and trends? Your content should aim to respond to these things, adding valuable insight and information to ongoing discussions across various media channels. 

To some, timely content is simply posting content at ‘relevant enough’ times. However, to maximise its value and benefit, timely content needs to be carefully thought out, and in some cases, planned. Especially if it’s tied to recurring events and seasons. 

Our tips can help point you in the right direction, but getting involved with the industry, and staying alert for reactive content opportunities is the best way to get started when creating timely content. 

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