What is E-A-T ?

E-A-T stands for:

  • Expertise
  • Authority
  • Trust

Why is E-A-T important? 

The concept of E-A-T is to ensure that visitors to your website receive high-quality information on exactly what they want to know. A website demonstrating expertise, authority and trust is more likely to provide visitors with useful content and satisfy its customer’s search queries.

We’ll go over the principles of E-A-T one by one, with some practical tips to demonstrate how to incorporate these concepts into your content writing. 


This idea refers to the credibility of the content on your website. For example, you may want to include content that provides expert insights on a certain topic. This could be determined by official credentials or more everyday life experience. 

Practical tips:

  • Link to credible sources (with reliable domains) to cite your facts, statistics, or graphics.
  • Create a bio page that talks about your credentials, expertise, and core values.


Authority refers to your business being recognised by others and having a reputation for what you do. 

Practical tips:

  • Explain how your expertise lends itself to unique benefits to boost your reputation.
  • Work on a social media campaign to enhance your reputation.


The idea of trustworthiness concerns your website’s ability to be relied upon for honest and accurate information. 

Practical tips:

  • Avoid plagiarism – Google will be able to detect if your content is lifted from another site.
  • Update any facts or statistics that may change in every piece of content, showing dates for when any figures/facts were updated.
  • Consider embarking on a video campaign to build customer trust. For example, you could deliver customer testimonials or troubleshooting guides.

To sum up, E-A-T stands for expertise, authority, and trust. It’s a good idea to build these principles into the content you produce to build your reputation and to ensure all the content you publish is high-quality. E-A-T itself won’t directly increase your SEO scores, but the principles behind it will: reputable backlinks, customer satisfaction, building reputation, and conversion to sales. 

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