The buyer’s journey, (also known as “the consumer decision-making process”), is the steps that a person goes through when they are deciding which product or service to buy when shopping. There are a few different models surrounding this, each of which features a varying number of stages and explanations.

We are going to simplify these to a straightforward, three-step process and highlight some basic ways that your SEO strategy can help to impact it.

Stage One – Awareness

Also known as the problem or need recognition stage, this is when the consumer realises that they want something that may solve an issue for them. However, they might not be certain on exactly what that item is yet. 

How can SEO help?

Consumers often start their searches on Google. So, your site needs content that your audience is going to be searching for, in order to drive traffic to your pages. Remember, some groups don’t know precisely what they are looking for at this point. So, initially, they may not be searching for a specific product or service. This is where keyword research and understanding your audience comes in.

Stage Two – Consideration

Once the consumer knows what they’re looking for, they then begin to evaluate the various purchase options and compare them with competitors. Further on-page optimisation can assist you here. You must ensure that your landing page does actually match what the buyer was searching for, by providing relevant and informative content. Otherwise, they will simply click off your site straight away.

For product pages, this can include high-quality images, prices, FAQs, pros and cons, or even how-to videos. In-depth product descriptions are really important here, so be sure to fully describe the item’s features and benefits.

Stage Three – Decision 

At this juncture, the searcher has decided on your product and is very close to buying it, but they might require an extra push to do so. Even after all of this, a high number of shoppers still abandon their cart prior to purchasing.

Optimising the checkout procedure so that it’s quick and easy for customers to use can make all the difference to this. Whether it’s by simply having the option to checkout as a guest or by adding multiple payment options, a streamlined system will help to get sales over the line. Then, with some follow-up marketing messages, if they enjoyed the product, you’ll hopefully have gained a loyal customer.

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