Beerhunter is a relatively new company focusing on providing a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to UK consumers. After launching in 2019 they required an agency to develop a multi-channel digital marketing campaign that helps to increase brand awareness within a highly competitive industry.

Our approach

As we were required to develop an integrated strategy our approach was to focus on breaking our approach into two phases:

  • Phase 1: highlight immediate areas to increase organic traffic and onsite conversions by delivering an in-depth audit of SEO and conversion performance. Our approach to SEO was to immediately improve the sites on-page content, focusing the most relevant products and categories to meet the needs of the customer. The conversion audit highlighted a number of potential friction points which required further analysis and testing, these updates were shared with the development team to implement
  • Phase 2: with the current site traffic optimised we then focused on increasing overall sales volumes through new paid media channels including Facebook and Google Ads, with the primary target of delivering a strict blended ROAS

Our long-term strategy expands upon this to help test and refine existing and new media channels, continually refining the strategy to deliver incremental growth.

The results

With our phased approach, we tracked a 40% increase in organic revenue within the first 2 months, as rankings improved for the primary product keywords. Paid search campaign efficiencies were significantly improved as the average CPC dropped 20% while conversion rates increased 45%.

Since these immediate improvements organic traffic volumes have increased by 20% YoY and the websites overall efficiency has continued to improve as a result of our CRO testing.