BrewDog is the UK’s fastest growing alternative beer brand; it has built a reputation for creating some of the best beers in the world. The craft beer specialists not only push boundaries but also smash people’s perceptions of what beer can be, brewing the world’s strongest ever beer, Tactical Nuclear Penguin at 32%.

We were asked to help amplify the number of investors for the brewery’s USA Equity For Punks (EFP) crowdfunding scheme throughout its closing stages in June and July.

Our Approach

Due to very tight deadlines, we wanted to utilise as much existing data available to us to help get a campaign live within 72 hours.

To do this we focused on paid media through Facebook, using a number of lookalike audience targets which helped us to deliver reach, relevance, and efficiency.

With this being one of BrewDog’s first paid media campaigns, we also wanted to build as many insights as possible. Therefore, we created a number of tailored creative pieces and messaging, which were then rotated to help to optimise performance.

Improving campaign tracking was also a priority; we worked with Brew Dog’s development agency to integrate Google Analytics into the various investment payment portals.

The results

Within 60 days, the campaign had reached over 1.7million people and helped deliver a 755% ROI, as well as a 24% increase in daily investment.

The campaign also helped to deliver:

  • Increased transparency in Google Analytics across all media channels, helping to provide more accurate insights
  • Better understanding of which message, perks and imagery delivers the best levels of engagement
  • More in-depth insights into demographics

Our approach helped us to not only increase the levels of investment but also develop a more in-depth understanding of how to target the right audience, both of which will help us to deliver better results in the next campaign.