As one of the UK’s largest car park providers, Q-Park required us to review its current platform and provide a list of recommendations to help its developers build a website which complies with the latest search engine standards.

The approach

As with any audit we utilised a number of diagnostic tools helping us to track over 7,000 data points and highlight over 14,000 opportunities to improve the website.

These opportunities were reviewed by our technical SEO team and a series of recommendations, tailored to their technology, were created and prioritised.

A full audit document was created and we reviewed all issues with the client and its team, helping to expand upon and amend recommendations.

The results

Immediately the developers had a clearer understanding of what was needed to create a more SEO friendly website, additionally, we highlighted over 4,000 critical issues which have now been resolved.

The marketing team now have a strong platform to expand upon and the search engines are indexing and ranking the content more efficiently, which has directly improved keyword rankings within a few weeks.