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A couple of months ago we discussed some key points about conversion rate optimisation in part one of our series. We explained about the importance of CR as a metric to establish your website’s success, and how many sites suffer from poor conversion rates despite other positive factors, like fantastic content and high traffic. We also described three key features of CRO – customer journey analysis, A/B testing and cart abandonment analysis – which, when used effectively, can provide you with the insight required to seriously raise your rates of conversion.

Now, it’s time to turn our attention to the additional points of CRO in our second instalment. Today, we’re going to be talking about a range of vital features including copy, imagery, form fields and social proof, all of which are guaranteed to improve your conversion rates when they are implemented efficiently. Keep reading to find out more!

Key features of CRO

1. Quality copy

Boost your conversions by providing your site visitors with crystal clear copy. Too many brands underestimate the power of well written text, jeopardising the success of their sites with bland content that’s riddled with errors. Ensure every piece of copy on your site demonstrates quality and clarity; it should be detailed without being overwhelming, creative without being confusing, and of course persuasive enough to convince your customers to complete their journey.

A headline is the most noticeable part of a landing page, so spend time getting this right. Even a slight adjustment like adding one extra word or changing the punctuation can boost your conversions. It’s also worth remembering that great copy has the ability to convey feelings, whether that be joy, sympathy, shock or, most importantly for CRO, trust and urgency!

2. Eye-catching visuals

We all know that a picture paints a thousand words, so when it comes to the visuals on your website, shoddy stock photos and out-of-date images are a seriously bad move. Make every page on your site credible by complementing the information with relevant, high quality visuals. These may not necessarily be fun or pretty, but they’ll certainly have a positive impact on conversion rates.

Pictures serve an important purpose, which is why you should dedicate time and money to securing the very best visuals for your website. Calling in a professional photographer, outsourcing to a talented graphic designer or purchasing a subscription to a high quality image source will be well worth the investment when your CR increases.

3. Simple processes

We may be the most advanced and intelligent life form, but us human beings still love simplicity. Make your site visitors’ lives easier by offering simple processes. That means easy navigation, big bold buttons, clear menus, and few form fields that don’t require tonnes of information. Reduce the superfluous clutter on your website and make way for short, snappy content, simple forms and plenty of white space – it works, seriously.

4. Reassuring reviews

Give your potential customers the social proof they crave by including testimonials, reviews and ratings throughout the shopping process. These will reassure the user that they are making a great buying decision, and that you as a company can be trusted. By seeing other customers raving about your products and services, they will be much more likely to convert.  You can amp up the trust levels in this user generated content by including names, locations and relevant images.

5. Effective CTAs

Your calls to action need to stand out, so including them as text links can be detrimental to your conversion rate. Ensure that all CTAs are displayed as eye-catching buttons with well thought out colours and fonts. You should also ensure that your CTAs sit above the fold, making them much more ‘clickable’.

It’s also a good idea to test out different copy for your calls to action. In as few words as possible, you want to convey a sense of urgency and interest to your customers. Your CTAs also provide you with the opportunity to offer something that sets you apart from competitors – a free trial, for instance. If your current buttons state ‘Submit’, ‘Sign Up’ or similar, why not try something along the lines of  ‘Join Us’ or ‘Sign Up For Free’.

6. Total trust

Finally, a great way to boost your conversion rates is by cementing a sense of trust into your website and brand. Achieve this by including any industry specific accolades you’ve received, like an award. You should also shout loud about any additional security seals you offer, as well as price match/best buy guarantees.

Another method for establishing trust is by including badges from Trust Pilot, Yelp, Feefo etc. As with the other methods of social proof we’ve mentioned, these features will help to establish you as an honest, high quality brand, and you’re bound to see an upshot in conversions.

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