Roman Blinds is a trading name of Interior Goods Direct, manufacture of blinds within the UK, who have multiple websites. As they had been previously penalised by Google, we were required to develop a highly transparent SEO and CRO campaign with minimal risk.

The approach

Our first task was to audit their current link profile and highlight any high-risk links that may have been the reason for the penalty, which took a number of months to audit and optimise.

During this time, we worked with the development team to resolve over 4,000 critical SEO issues, as well as integrate our site analysis and analytics tracking to monitor the site’s current customer experience.

As a result of this analysis, we highlighted a number of opportunities to improve how customers purchased throughout the site as well as increased the transparency of data available within analytics.

We also worked with its content and outreach team to develop a highly engaging and low-risk link acquisition campaign.

The results

Through a lot of work across multiple disciplines, the website is now number one for its primary keyword resulting in a 181% increase in organic traffic levels.

With the site’s purchase funnel improved, we also delivered an 8% increase in conversion rates and a 198% increase in revenue. Additionally, we are working with the developers to further improve mobile conversions as this now makes up the majority of site traffic.

Our work has covered all IGD websites which in turn have seen a large increase in organic traffic and conversion rates as a result of our recommendations and strategy.