With shops remaining closed, the whole world is seeking out online retailers, so now is the time to understand how you can increase your sales on your site. Thanks to our work with top e-commerce brands and our wealth of experience, we’ve gathered some great insights over the years.

That’s why we’ve created a digestible e-commerce blog for you to read. This handy post means you can learn what shoppers are searching for, from the moment they land on your website, which could help your business boost online sales.

Even after high street doors reopen, we believe consumers will still get their credit cards out at home for an online haul. So, listen up, we’ve got some tips for you guys…

A Word of Advice

The benefits of knowing your target audience inside-out are incredible. Don’t take a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to selling items online; it simply won’t cut it.

Ultimately, you need to know what your audience wants. Concentrate on this before you do anything else. Although, be careful – don’t always assume that what the shopper wants for a jewellery purchase is the same as another looking to buy some new threads. Your audience differs according to the product you are selling and that is crucial to address from the get-go.

Consider the Importance of Third-Party Reviews 

Many organisations forget how a review can impact a purchase. When it comes to buying online, shoppers really value reviews from websites like Reviews.io. Obviously, these need to be completely organic, but if you’ve got them, flaunt them.

There are quick ways you can showcase your third-party reviews. Begin by placing them next to the item you’re selling, to shine some light on the product and what others thought about it (as well as your customer service).

Don’t Rely on Price Alone 

Price is one of the primary factors influencing online purchases. This means that if your items are high-end and not necessarily cheap, you need to convey why they are worth every penny.

The same goes for if your brand is focused on providing affordable goods. Just because you offer low-cost products, doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in the work to grab the customer’s attention.

Remember the perception of value; they’re mutually exclusive. Consumers could well take the opinion of “buy cheap, buy twice” when browsing your site if you’re only trying to sell on price alone.

Create Punchy Product Descriptions 

If your industry operates online, you need to master product descriptions; these encourage and start the customer’s buying journey. 

You must write copy that will reel shoppers in, ensuring you portray your message quickly and efficiently. This will improve customer experience and boost overall conversion rates.

On average, your customers will buy within the hour, and product descriptions are very important in helping their decision. So, although it may take you a little longer to fire up some killer content, you will reap the rewards once the orders come flooding in…

To gain further insights into all things search marketing, read another of our helpful blog posts. Or, if you’re a company wondering how you can increase sales through a strong SEO strategy, then get in touch, today.