Looking to start search engine optimisation (SEO) to give your business a boost? Before you do, be sure to read this post and uncover some of the most common misconceptions about SEO.

With so much to learn about this unique marketing strategy, you could find yourself taking approaches that negatively impact your site. In this blog, we disprove five frequent SEO-based myths.

1. SEO Provides Immediate Results

If you’re just beginning to learn about search engine optimisation, this is one myth we need to set straight right away. You’re unlikely to see instant results from SEO because search engines use several factors to rank websites in search results and it takes time to optimise your site to these recommendations.

That means that SEO is not just a one-time activity, but rather, an ongoing process that requires your time and attention.

2. It’s All Just About Links

Yes, gaining links back to a client’s site is one goal of a search engine marketer. The volume of links is often used as a key performance indicator, but it is not the single most important factor in an SEO strategy.

This is why buying links or gaining links from spam sites won’t improve your ranking and can instead result in your site being penalised by Google.

3. PPC Advertising Will Help Your Ranking

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an entirely different marketing strategy to SEO. It’s more like a form of advertising because you pay for your site to appear in ad form on the results page.

Although having your advert appear in one of the top positions is a key way to drive more traffic to your site, it will not help to improve your organic search ranking, as they are completely separate entities.

4. Content Must Be Long to Perform Well

It’s certainly a myth that your copy needs to be a particular length to rank highly.

Rather than concentrating on how long your content is, focus on creating a piece that your customers will engage with. To rank well, your text must be high quality, offer good readability and be well-structured. Most importantly though, it should reflect the searcher’s intent.

5. Anybody Can Do SEO

The last myth to debunk is that anybody can master search engine optimisation. Business owners can try to utilise it within their marketing plan, but without expert help, they aren’t likely to see the results that they want. 

Hiring an agency of trained search marketers ensures that you have a specialist, long-term plan in place. Outsourcing SEO will not only free up your time but also give you confidence that the implementation and maintenance of your strategy are being managed by professionals.

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