Maybe you’re considering venturing into the world of digital PR, or maybe you need reassurance on why you’re still pursuing it. Let us settle your concerns and explore the top reasons why your brand deserves the digital PR treatment.

An online presence is essential to almost every brand, and digital PR is a great way to get you there. There are so many reasons why you should invest in digital PR, so let’s dive into five of those reasons today. 

1. Brand awareness

The more obvious reason to focus on your digital presence: building brand awareness. When you position yourself as an expert in your industry across a variety of publications, more of your audience will begin to recognise your brand. If you need more eyes on your brand, a great solution is appearing in publications that your target audience reads.

Brand awareness is also important to brands that are well-known. Consistent PR helps audiences to not forget you, and shows you are adapting to the changing trends. When you maintain your PR strategy over a long period, your brand will also sustain its credibility.

2. Digital PR helps SEO

A great bonus of digital PR is how it benefits your SEO strategy. As an SEO agency, we believe this should be a key part of your SEO strategy and one of the best benefits to digital PR. 

Grabbing those backlinks is beneficial in a myriad of ways, from getting more traffic to your website to boosting your authority on the SERPS. You may also gain more social media engagement, as companies and journalists will share your story, meaning your brand will become more trustworthy, strengthening your rankings on search engines. 

3. Define your brand

Hopefully, you have an established brand identity and know what defines you as a brand. PR helps fully establish this, when you become known for certain stories and bring more people to your website. Gain awareness with causes or stories that you are passionate about as a brand, and publications that your audience are reading. In a similar way to SEO, maintenance is an important part of digital PR, in order to stay relevant and engaging.

4. Lead generation

Possibly the most valuable aspect of digital PR – getting traffic to your website and generating more leads. Brand awareness is important, but you want your audience to actually be interested in what you are offering. Throughout your PR you can gain authority and position yourself as the go-to company for that industry, boosting sales and enquiries. 

5. Tell a story

Digital PR allows you to tell your own story, in your way. You can decide how your brand should be represented. A brand guidelines reference sheet is a great way to have confidence that your agency will present your brand accurately, from the formality of the language to which logo to use. This also allows you to promote your brand in a less direct way than an advert, as you can subtly weave your brand name throughout the PR story and expertise. 

In Summary

Whether you’re aiming for smaller, regional publications, or want to get coverage in big national papers, your brand will benefit from digital PR. There are publications and journalists out there for every brand, no matter how niche. When you break it down, it’s really a no-brainer that digital PR is a great way to increase visibility and leads. 

If you still need convincing, check out the work we did for Go.Compare to see the results we achieved for the company.

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