The travel industry has been through a rollercoaster of ups and downs in recent years. From the effects of COVID-19 to the quick increase of revenge travel when restrictions were lifted, and the slow journey back to normal levels. 

Although 2023 isn’t over yet, those wanting to travel in the upcoming year need to start planning ahead. For travel marketing teams, that means taking a look at the expected trends of 2024.

Here are our 2024 travel trend predictions: 

A personalised approach to customers

Due to the cost of living crisis, travel has become a luxury spend for many consumers. This means that for a holiday to be truly worth it, it has to be ticking all the boxes. This could lead to consumers having a higher demand for personalised travel packages, which cater to their specific needs and preferences. After all, why spend the money if it’s not 100% what you’re after? 

Our tip: ensure you understand your audience, and create an in-depth profile of your customers. This will help you target them with a more personalised approach so that they feel heard and seen, allowing your offers to align with their demands. 

A reduction in carbon footprint

With increasing targets all around the world to reduce carbon footprints, it’s no surprise that travelers will be looking for more sustainable options in transportation, accommodation, and more. Many hotels and tour operators are aiming to reach zero emissions as soon as possible, and customers can see who is actively trying, and who isn’t. 

Our tip: ecotourism will see a big increase in popularity, and it’s vital that you highlight the sustainability aspect of different travel destinations and offers. When consumers are between various options, being environmentally conscious could be the deciding factor that sways them your way. 

Media-led travel

Set-jetting is when people travel to a certain destination because it is the filming location of a movie or series they enjoy. New Zealand is perhaps one of the best examples, as many pick to visit this destination to get a glimpse at the setting for the Lord of the Rings movies. With the world of influencers still on the rise, we predict that media-led travel will become increasingly popular in 2024, with tourists looking for the most recognisable photo ops. 

Our tip: when advertising your travel options, make sure to link them to relevant media where possible, as well as showcase the ‘Instagrammable’ aspects. Sometimes, the more things you can brag about on a holiday, the more worthwhile it seems!

Tech-sustained holidays

With each passing year, the world of travel relies more and more on technology. From automated bookings to automatic check-ins, and online support, consumers need travel to be accessible from their laptops and mobile phones. A few clicks, and you’re on your way! 

Our tip: make sure that your travel site is fully optimised to be user-friendly, especially for mobile devices. The more self-sufficient customers can be with the tools you provide, the more in control they will feel regarding how they spend their money when planning for the holiday. 


We all know how the popularity of remote working and hybrid working came to be, and how it has revolutionised the approach to the famous work-life balance. For many, workations are the gateway to being able to spend some time abroad, getting to explore somewhere new, without having to spend annual leave. In fact, some might only travel if they’re able to take their work with them! 

Our tip: understanding the needs of your customers will allow you to provide them with what they need for a successful workation. What facilities would they require? Can your travel packages offer that? Plenty of hotels now offer dedicated workspaces, which are perfect for these scenarios. 

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