Whether you have limited resources or you’re looking for ways to improve your brand content, you may be thinking about content repurposing. For some brands, content repurposing can be a great part of your content strategy and benefit your marketing in the long run.

In this guide we will look at what exactly is repurposing content, and why it can benefit your brand.

What is content repurposing?

To repurpose content is to take your existing content and reformat it into a different place or platform. Refreshing your current content can be done in many different ways, such as turning a text post into a graphic, or turning a blog post into a video. Check out this post we created on LinkedIn, which was repurposed from an old blog post.

It’s unlikely that all of your audience will see every bit of content you publish, which is why repurposing works. If you’re unsure where to start and which content to recycle, look at your data analytics. If a blog post did really well when it was uploaded, but it hasn’t been read in a while, it may be time to freshen up the content and see how it looks in a different medium. Alternatively, if a blog post underperformed, look at why, and if it may work better in a visual format or on a different channel.

There are many ways content repurposing can help your brand – so let’s dive in.

Benefits of content repurposing 

  1. Saves time

By having the content already written, you will save valuable time and creative energy. Repurposing is ideal for small marketing teams who are already stretched thin with content creation. This may be a temporary move during a busy season or a tactic implemented in a strategy. Either way, recycling content helps to take the pressure off.

  1. More eyes on your work

Publishing content again gives the chance for more of your audience, or potentially new customers, to view your content. It gives another opportunity for content that did not perform too well, as it may thrive on a different platform. If you’re proud of your past content, make sure it is shown off to your audience.

  1. Experiment with different formats

Working out how your content can be repurposed is a great creative exercise in seeing how different ideas work best in different contexts. It allows you to think outside the box a little, rather than sticking to your usual strategy. There may be an area of your marketing that is struggling, such as a certain social media platform or area of your website. It may be trial and error until you work out where different types of content work best, but it will ultimately make you a better marketer in the long run.

  1. Improves SEO

Finally, and possibly the most important, content repurposing is great for SEO. If you have a specific keyword you wish to rank for, it’ll be super helpful to have different forms of content ranking for this keyword. It’s also a great way to generate more backlinks and a wider reach on social media if your audience shares the content.

Final tips

  1. Get creative with it, and repurpose content that would best fit your brand and its product or service. Can you transform a blog post into an online course, or a YouTube video into multiple Instagram Reels?
  1. Remember, don’t repurpose content just for the sake of posting. Just like creating fresh content, it’s important to share engaging content that provides value to your readers. 

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