So, you’ve got your sights set on the marketing industry? Marketing is a dynamic sandbox for innovation, and it’s the perfect place for creative folks. As the world keeps changing, the need for marketing experts keeps growing. We’ll take you through the ways in which you can break into the marketing industry while also highlighting the perks that come with the territory.

Breaking into the industry


First things first, obtaining the right knowledge and skills. This doesn’t mean locking yourself in a library (unless you’re into that). Online courses, certifications, and even some late-night YouTube binges can give you the knowledge you need to understand marketing basics. See our resource for useful marketing courses to get yourself started. And remember, you don’t always need a degree to get your foot in the door!

Build a portfolio

Think of your portfolio as a marketing trophy cabinet. You can start by experimenting with your ideas on personal projects or helping out non-profits – marketing volunteers are valuable here. Or, jump into an internship to gain hands-on experience. Your portfolio will be your calling card to show off what you’re capable of.

Connect and conquer

In the marketing world, your network is your foundation for success. Attend industry events, join marketing social groups, and reach out to fellow professionals on LinkedIn and other social sites. Building relationships will help open doors to valuable opportunities, and shed light on the professional journeys of fellow marketers.

Commit to specialising

Marketing is vast, so it helps to have a speciality that gives you leverage in the industry. You can choose to dive into digital marketing, content creation, social media, or market research. Specialising in one area can result in you being the go-to guru in that field. 

Benefits of working in the marketing industry

Nurture your inner artist 

One of the coolest things about marketing is the canvas it presents for creativity. You can let your imagination run wild, creating captivating campaigns, amazing graphics, or super persuasive copy. If you’re looking for a creative outlet, this could be the career for you.

Learning never stops

Marketing is a dynamic experience. It’s important to continuously keep learning to stay on top of your game. With new tools and strategies constantly emerging, you’ll never run out of exciting things to discover. 


In marketing, you’re not tied down to one industry or role. You can work with the tech industry one day and fashion the next. This career allows you to wear many hats. Start with market research and pivot to SEO – you could do it all!

See real results

With marketing, it isn’t just about theories; it’s about real-world impact. Your marketing efforts directly contribute to brand recognition, customer engagement, and revenue growth. It’s immensely gratifying to witness your work make a tangible difference.

Bottom Line

If you’re enthusiastic about marketing, you’re on an exciting path! Breaking into the industry is a huge gateway to a world of possibilities. With dedication, a splash of creativity and a bucket load of passion, you can kickstart your marketing career and tailor it to your own unique ambitions. 

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