Whether you’re a marketer, business owner or work for a brand, keeping an eye on the industry should be on your to-do list. You’ll want to find the latest marketing news to stay up-to-date with recent trends, spark new ideas, or maybe find a quick how-to guide.

We’ve compiled a short list to get you started, pointing towards some of our favourite places to soak up the most recent SEO and marketing news.


Marketing Week

Marketing Week provides the latest news for all the different types of marketing (content, brand, influencer, media and more), so you can find articles and reports relating to your exact niche. It offers advice to professionals and is a great place for discussions on issues within the industry.

It also offers a premium service, which provides access to even more pieces on marketing issues, expert columnists and other exclusive insights.



If you’re looking for inspiration for your marketing efforts, head to Campaign, where you’ll find the latest and greatest campaigns from teams and brands across the world in the marketing, advertising and media communities. Originally a magazine, Campaign focuses on shining a light on brilliant campaigns, as well as touching on some of the ones that fell flat, and why.

You can also search through top brands, events and jobs on Campaign’s highlights, as well as see the most recent professional moves within the industry.


The Drum

The Drum offers a wealth of insightful articles across a range of marketing arenas. You can browse the latest creative global campaigns and impressive agencies, or seek out relevant advice. Find out what’s happening in the media business or view the most recent trends in tech or sustainability – whatever suits you.

To get even more content from the Drum you can subscribe, which will mean you also get the ‘Build a Brand’ section, helping teams succeed through access to hot topics, step-by-step strategy guides, industry analysis and trend reports.


Agency blogs 

Don’t dismiss blogs, particularly on agency websites. Here, you can find some of the best and most practical advice to bring into your day-to-day. Be sure to check in with agency sites that you’re interested in, or search by topic.

Depending on what you’re looking for, whether it’s SEO tips, influencer marketing how-to’s or content writing guides – searching for those in your industry will take you to a wealth of knowledge from the people who work in this field every day.


Thought leaders

Doing just a bit of research will lead you to thought leaders in your chosen area. These are experts, influencers, and innovators who shape conversations and trends in their industry. 

When you’re searching around a topic, you might notice a few people crop up regularly. This could be via books, blogs, podcasts, events or online publications, but you’ll soon find leading voices talking about current topics and issues in the area.

You should also get recommendations from colleagues or clients, too. Start to build up your connections by following and interacting with them.


Social media platforms

Social media is a great way to search for and find marketing news, which is then often discussed among other marketing professionals. As well as following all of your preferred publications, you can also source more experts and thought leaders in your industry, who will all be conversing on these platforms.

Twitter/X stands out as still one of the best places to go for quick hints and tips from top players in the world of marketing, but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss other platforms.


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