This year we’ve seen campaigns capture the hearts and minds of the public while tackling important topics and social issues. Covering everything from environmental issues to diversity and inclusion, these campaigns truly inspired us to be our best. Here are some of our favourite marketing campaigns from 2023 to fire up your imagination for the new year.

Equinox Gyms – ‘We Don’t Speak January

Luxury gym, Equinox, started off 2023 with a very poignant message. On 1st January, they broadcasted that they wouldn’t be accepting any new memberships made on that day. According to IHRSA, 12% of all gym sign-ups happen in January. Considering that it’s such a profitable month, the campaign was an incredibly bold move by Equinox. 

The aim of this campaign was to reinforce the idea that Equinox offers their customers a lifestyle and not a ‘quick fix’ solution, reminding people to find motivation in doing things for themselves rather than society.

Glengoyne – A Bottle for Volunteers

Highland master distiller, Glengoyne, partnered with Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) in their February campaign. They called for volunteers to aid in the protection of the wetlands for a day and in exchange, they received a free bottle of 15-year-old Glengoyne whisky and an invitation to their distillery tour.

This green campaign cleverly balanced the consumers love for freebies with wildlife conservation – an important issue that is sadly all too difficult to garner public interest for. 

Surreal Cereal – “Celebrity” Endorsements

Surreal cereal made waves in the marketing industry with their “celebrity” endorsement campaign. They featured household names such as Serena Williams, Dwayne Johnson and Michael Jordan on their billboards, with one little catch – they weren’t the actual celebrities. 

The small brand, knowing that they couldn’t afford the A-list endorsements, found everyday people off the street with the same names and paid them to review their cereal instead. This was a bold act of genius on Surreal’s part and a standout campaign this year.

Mattel – First Doll With Down Syndrome

Mattel has been working hard over recent years to diversify their range of Barbies, making them more inclusive so that every child has a doll they feel represents them. At the end of April, the company launched a brand-new doll as part of their “Fashionistas” line – the first ever doll with Down syndrome.

This line was hugely representative, including a Barbie with a prosthetic leg, a wheelchair user, as well as male dolls that were smaller and less muscly. This was another large step in the right direction for Mattel.

Uber Eats – Ramadan

Ramadan marks the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, known as a time for gratitude, community and fasting. Iftar signifies the end of each day and is the fast-breaking evening meal enjoyed by Muslims around sunset.

Uber Eats’s inclusive marketing campaign jumped on this sacred time of year to create billboards that marked the start of Iftar. These countdowns were dynamic, changing the time shown to reflect the predicted time of sunset that day. 

This campaign expertly inserted Uber Eats into the Muslim community – a wonderful display of inclusivity.

EO Charging – Breaking Up With Big Oil

Electric vehicle charging company, EO Charging, launched a campaign in June to promote their new charger, encouraging the use of renewable energy. This was done masterfully through the playful use of a break-up text with the big oil companies. 

This campaign came shortly after Shell was condemned for dismissing their target for cutting oil production, prioritising the production of fossil fuels. EO displayed excellent timing with this campaign, showcasing the toxic “relationship” they have with Big Oil.

Maybelline – CGI Campaign

Maybelline Cosmetics went insanely viral with their masterful CGI marketing campaign. Digital nomads are referring to these types of campaigns as faux out-of-home advertising – hyperrealistic, CGI-based or augmented reality (AR) digital ads made to appear as if they’re in the real world.

A lot of campaigns find success due to stirring up conversation. This campaign skilfully disrupted the everyday environment of the public, getting people to talk about what on Earth was going on. This one made its way all across social media and is definitely one to remember.

Audible – ‘Whatever life throws at you

Through their superb use of humour, Audible created a campaign that resonated with the public. Displaying a series of unfortunate, yet comedic, events ranging from falling into a bin to someone getting their bicycle stuck in cement, listeners were encouraged to “laugh through” their mishaps with Audible’s large collection of comedy audiobooks and podcasts.

The multichannel campaign was rolled out in late July and proved that laughter really is the best medicine. 

Alzheimer’s Research UK – Happily Ever Afters

Rounding off the list is Alzheimer’s Research UK’s breathtaking campaign raising awareness for dementia. The Disney-style animation begins as a fairytale like many others, a prince and princess slay a dragon and ride off into the sunset, towards their happily ever after. 

However, the story doesn’t end there. It ends with a heartbreaking tale of the prince becoming forgetful and physically weak, a representation of the reality that almost one million people in the UK face living with Alzheimer’s today. 

This campaign was beautifully presented and gracefully handled, one of our distinctive favourites from the second half of 2023.

Welcoming The New Year

Reflecting on our favourite marketing moments from 2023 marks the perfect opportunity to get inspired ahead of the new year. Here’s to another year of marketing magic! 

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